Warehouse Inventory Tracking System

SCM Software Lab provides Web based automated Warehouse Inventory Tracking System (WMS) software for your entire distribution function. It includes advanced functionality for Receiving , Putaway, Inventory moves, Picking & Packing, Replenishment, Shipping, Loading and Cycle Counting. It will cover Warehouse Daily Planning, Organizing, and Controlling the utilization of available resources, to move and store products into, within, and out of a Warehouse by Locator wise. And also supports multiple Organizations with Warehouse Zones.

Some of the transactions from actual application are shown below. based on customer requirements, we can do customization.

Procurement Planning

  • Request for Quotation (RfQ)
  • Purchase Order
  • Material Receipt (GRN)
  • QA / Receipt Confirmation
  • Invoice (Vendor)
  • Vendor Payments (Account Payables)

Warehouse Management

  • Warehouse with Multiple Locators
  • Warehouse zones facility
  • Inventory Move based on Putaway Policy
  • Volume based Storage
  • Lot No / Serial No / Expiry Date Tracking

Inventory Control

  • Putaway (Auto Bin Allocation)
  • Inventory Movement
  • Inventory Cycle Count
  • Replenishment
  • Internal Use Inventory


  • Customer Item Returns
  • Vendor Item Returns
  • Track Vendor Performance
  • Track Customer Performance

Sales & Distribution

  • Sales Order
  • Generate Shipment for multiple Sales Orders
  • System follows FIFO / FEFO / LIFO
  • Pick / Ship Confirmation
  • Shipment(Goods Issue)
  • Invoice (Customer)
  • Customer Payments (Account receivables)


  • Storage Report (Product / Product Category / Locator)
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Orders / Invoices Report
  • Vendor Wise Orders Report
  • Customer Wise Order Reports
  • FSN (Fast – Slow – non Moving) Items Report
  • Vendor Wise Performance Report
  • Locator Wise Utilization Report
  • many more...

Integration / Mobile App

  • HHT Application for Barocde Inventory
  • Third Party ERP Integration (Tally, SAP, Oracle Apps etc.)
  • We use WebServices (SOAP / REST) for Integration
  • Experience on File Transfer Protocol (FTP) based Integration

More Features

  • Have multi Language & Currency
  • Multiple Organizations & Warehouses
  • MultipleRole based access
  • Multiple Price Lists
  • Multiple Taxes (GST, VAT, Sales Tax and etc)
  • Import existing Data from excel sheet
  • Separate Workflow / Process for each Organization
  • Emails / Reports sending within application
  • Scheduling Reports