Transport / Vehicle Management System

SCM Software lab provides a Transport Management System (TMS) and it usually "sits" between an ERP or legacy order processing and warehouse/distribution module. A typical scenario would include both inbound (procurement) and outbound (shipping) orders to be evaluated by the TMS Planning Module offering the user various suggested routing solutions. These solutions are evaluated by the user for reasonableness and are passed along to the transportation provider analysis module to select the best mode and least cost provider. Once the best provider is selected, the solution typically generates electronic load tendering and track/trace to execute the optimized shipment with the selected carrier, and later to support freight audit and payment (settlement process). Links back to ERP systems (after orders turned into optimal shipments), and sometimes secondarily to WMS programs also linked to ERP are also common.

Some of the transactions from actual application are shown below. based on customer requirements, we can do customization.

Inbound Operations

  • Stock Inward Order
  • Lot No / Serial No / Unique Identification No for each Material

Outbound Operations

  • Stock Transfer Order
  • Generate Shipment for multiple Stock Transfer Orders
  • Pick / Ship Confirmation
  • Shipment

Vehicle Planning for Shipments

  • Route Configuration
  • Vehicle Allocations for Multiple Shipments
  • Decide best Vehicle for Multiple Shipments
  • Manage Gate Pass Entries for each Vehicle
  • Track the Vehicle by Online

Invoicing & Payments

Invoice Preparation will be done by following parameters

  • Material Volume & Weight
  • Customer wise Value Added Services
  • Transportation Operations


  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Orders / Invoices Report
  • Daily Vehicle Utilization Report
  • Route Frequency Report
  • many more...

More Features

  • Have multi Language & Currency
  • Multiple Organizations
  • Role based access
  • Import existing Data from excelsheet
  • Separate workflow / Process
  • Emails sending within application
  • Scheduling Reports