SCM Software Lab developed a Third Party Logistics (3PL) Software, that will help Logistics Companies to handle Warehouse and Transportation (Inbound and Outbound operations) Services for their Clients. During the Inbound & Outbound Operations, Whatever the services you provided to your customers (like.. Pickup the Material, Labour Charges, Packing the Material for Shipping, Transportation Charges and etc..), all Service Charges (Expenses) can be record in our system and can make Invoices as Schedule basis (weekly or Monthly).

Our 3PL software real time reports will give you "How your Warehouse is utilized as per Customers". And also, Once Material come to your Warehouse for Storing, Our 3PL system will tell you, Where you need to Place the Received Material in Warehouse (Auto Bin Allocation). And our advanced background schedule based reports will alert your employees to knwo their daily tasks.

Inbound Operations

Inbound Order

Customer will raise request you to bring their Material in your Warehouse. This request we called as Inbound / Schedule Pickup Order

Schedule Pickup

Pickup Department will prepare one Pickup Order / Note for bring Inbound Order materials from your Customers place to your Warehouse

Material Receipt

Once Truck come to your Warehouse along with Inbound Order Materials / Goods, Then Material will unload into Receiving Bay

Material Quality Check

After Material unload into Receiving Bay, QC Department will check How much Qty Received & Material have any problems?

Upload Received Items Images

During Quality Checking, User's can upload multiple Images of each Received Material in our 3PL software for future reference.

Barcode Generation

One Unique Barcode will be generate for each Received Material. This Barcode contains the Customer's Details, Item Name and etc...

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Zones

A warehouse is divided into multiple zones & each Zone have multiple Locators. For ex, case storage and unit storage make separate zones.

Putaway (Auto Bin Allocation)

After Quality Check, Our Putaway (Auto Bin Allocation) will suggest you the best Locators for moving the Material from Receiving Bay.

Internal Inventory Move

Sometimes, we may need to Move Material from one location to another Location. We can use Inventory Movement concept for that.

WH to WH Inventory Move

Sometimes, we may need to Move Material from one Warehouse to another Warehouse. We can use Inventory Movement concept for that.

Material Kitting

Kitting is the gathering of components (Bill of Materials) and parts needed for the manufacture of a particular assembly or product.


The purpose of replenishment is to keep inventory flowing through the supply chain by maintaining efficient order (Stock Re-Order)

Outbound Operations

Outbound Order

Customer will raise request you to send their Material from your Warehouse to their Customers. This we called as Outbound Order


A Shipment is defined as a physical outbound movement of goods or materials from the warehouse or it is the issue of physical goods.

Pick & Ship Confirmation

Before Shipping the Material, Our system providing two step verification for confirming whether you are sending correct Items or not?

Packaging & Labeling

packaging and labeling is Display of information about a product (Item Names, From etc..) on its packaging or the product itself.

Hand Held Terminal

Our System provided the Hand Held Terminal application for Pick and Ship confirmation to scan the Barcodes for correct Items.

Material Return

Inbound Material Return

If Received Items don't have quality, Users can Create the Material Return and can send back to your Customers.

Outbound Material Return

If shipped Items returned by your Customer's Customer, then Users can Return the Outbound Return on easy way.

Invoicing & Payments

Expense Report

Whatever the services you provideed to your Customers, all can be record in Expense Report. For ex, Transportation, Packing etc..

Invoice for Client Expenses

Whatever the services you have provided to your Customers, we can make single Invoice by using Expense Report on Schedule basis.

Invoice for Storage Utilization

Your Customer's will store their Material on your Warehouse. Based on their Material Volume, Users can make Invoice for all Items.

Client Payments

User can make single Payment for one Invoice or multiple Invoices. Advaned Payment creation also possible in our system.



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  • Customers Wise Stock
  • Warehouse Locator Uitlization
  • Stock Replenishment
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Invoice
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Payments
  • Customer Credit & Usage Report
  • Background Schedule Reports
  • Kanban Dashboard
  • Management BI Reports

Standard Features

Multiple Organizations / Branches

Multiple Warehouses

Multi Role based System access

Have multi Language

Have multi Currency

Workflow based System

Emails sending within application

Background Scheduling

Import existing Data from excelsheet