Third Party Logistics (3PL) with Warehousing

We are providing A third-party logistics software provider, that provides service to its customers of outsourced (or "Third Party") logistics services for part, or all of their supply chain management functions. And it typically specialize in integrated operation, warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled and customized to customers' needs based on market conditions, such as the demands and delivery service requirements for their products and materials. Often, these services go beyond logistics and include value-added services related to the production or procurement of goods, i.e., services that integrate parts of the supply chain. When this integration occurs, the provider is then called a third-party supply chain management provider (3PSCM) or supply chain management service provider (SCMSP). 3PL targets a particular function in supply management, such as warehousing, transportation, or raw material provision.

Some of the transactions from actual application are shown below. based on customer requirements, we can do customization.

Warehouse Management

  • Warehouse Space Allocation for Customers
  • Warehouse with Multiple Locators
  • Warehouse zones facility
  • Volume & Weight based Storage

Inbound Operations

  • Stock Inward Order
  • Material Receipt
  • Lot No / Serial No / Unique Identification No for each Material
  • Putaway based on Customers Lease Space

Inventory Control

  • Putaway (Locator Priority, Locator Space Availability, Manual)
  • Inventory Movement
  • Inventory Cycle Count

Outbound Operations

  • Stock Transfer Order
  • Generate Shipment for multiple Stock Transfer Orders
  • Pick / Ship Confirmation
  • Shipment

Vehicle Planning for Shipments

  • Route Configuration
  • Vehicle Allocations for Multiple Shipments
  • Decide best Vehicle for Multiple Shipments
  • Manage Gate Pass Entries for each Vehicle
  • Track the Vehicle by Online

Invoicing & Payments

  • Prepare Invoices based on Landing Cost Charges / Resource Allocation Charges
  • Prepare Invoices based on Daily / Weekly / Monthly Warehouse Space Utilization Charges
  • Prepare Invoices based on Customer wise Value Added Services
  • Prepare Invoices based on any Inbound / Outbound Transportation Operations
  • Single Payment Generation for Multiple Invoices


  • Customers Storage Report (Product / Product Category / Locator)
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Orders / Invoices Report
  • Customers Warehouse Space Uitlization Reports
  • many more...


  • Hand Held Terminal Integration
  • Third Party ERP Integration (SAP / Oracle Apps etc.)
  • WebServices (SOAP / REST) facility
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) based Integration

More Features

  • Have multi Language & Currency
  • Multiple Organizations & Warehouses
  • Role based access
  • Import existing Data from excelsheet
  • Separate workflow / Process
  • Emails sending within application
  • Scheduling Reports